Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wide Load

Today is day 1 of hcg, which means I get to eat my ass off...or on as the case my be.  They call this a loading day, and I get to do it all over again tomorrow.  Here's why this is a crock: You spend 2 days gorging yourself, so naturally the weight you gain will come flying off when you restrict your calories and guzzle water.  I think it inflates your weight loss numbers.  So, why would I do this?  Why wouldn't I?  I've been eating like this for the past few months anyway, and I'm determined to follow this plan to the letter, since it wasn't exactly cheap.  The only thing that pisses me off worse than not fitting into my clothes is wasting money.

If you're curious, I chose the sublingual pellets, which look like this.
They're really small, and you put one under your tongue and let it dissolve.  I was scared they would be bitter, but they're not.  They're sweet with just a hint of a pregnant woman's urine.  I'm kidding.  You can't taste the urine at all, but know that's where hcg comes from.

I also got the additional supplements that were optional- a daily multivitamin, and adrenal support pill, calcium pyruvate, and colon cleanse, which is appropriately named.  So far, I can say this is the best diet I've ever been on.  I assume after tomorrow, it's all downhill, but hopefully with a big payoff.

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