Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Exercising My Right to Vote and My Fat Ass

I don't know if you know this, but there was an election yesterday.  It was kind of a hidden news story.  Anywho, while others were bragging about their 15 minute voting times, the hubs and I were standing in line for 4 hours due to a lack of voting machines. Also many of the ones that we did have in our district were broken. And can we talk about the fact that my state was called while I WAS STILL IN LINE?! Thank God for awesome neighbors who watched the rugrats while we were being proud Americans.

I had walked to the polling place, which happens to be my kids' school, because the parking situation was so bad, and it's only about a mile away.  I figured it would be a good opportunity to get some exercise in, not thinking about the fact that I would be on my feet the next several hours waiting. So, I'm pretty sure I burned about 82,000 calories yesterday, and I probably dropped about 20 pounds.  Luckily that bitch whore scale of mine is still out of commission, so I can continue with my delusion a while longer.

The awesome thing is that while I was in that never ending line, I got a job offer.  I've been interviewing since the kids went back to school, because that healthcare career idea went bust, and now all the kids are in school, so mom needs a life.  Also the money will be nice, so we can enjoy some luxuries like food, clothing, and shelter. I'm very excited and thankful for the opportunity.

I stood in line for 4 hours and all I got was this lousy sticker.  And a job offer.  Oh, yeah, and my guy got re-elected, despite my state being called for the other guy while I WAS STILL IN LINE. (Did I mention that already?)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater

I did it.  I did the RunDead 5k (the run where zombies chase you).  I started and finished it, and there's documentation proving so. I finished 54th out of 423. 27:29 total with a 8:52 pace, and I am obviously completely full of shit.  So how did I do it and have the results verified?  Well my new bestie and I cheated.  Her ankle was hurt, so she was struggling.  I am no runner, as you know, so when she suggested we sneak under the Caution tape that served as a poor barrier in the course, I was all for it.  Little did we know, we were hopping from the first third of the race to the home stretch.  All of a sudden, we saw the finish line, and people were clapping for us and cheering us on.  The best part is that neither of us felt guilty.  It was just for fun, and it's not like we won any awards or anything, so no harm no foul.  I would like to do it again next year for realsies, though.  I did lose all of my flags, but the hubs, Zombie-Dodger Extraordinaire, managed to keep 2 of his. He finished 352nd, if that gives you any indication of how much of a cheater I am.
Me looking sassy and smug before we headed to Charleston.

The hubs and I encountered our first zombie before the race. Sorry about your tigers, bro.

My sister from another mister and me. The best thing about this race, by far, was making a new friend.

I still want to be able to run a 5k non-stop and progress up to some longer races, so I'm starting the training process all over. I had a birthday on the 24th, and I'm determined for it to be the last one in which I'm out of shape.  My goal is to be fit when I hit my 35th birthday.  I have about a year to do this, and now that Halloween is over, and I've devoured a significant portion of my children's candy, I'm ready to get back on the wagon and achieve this goal.  As long as I don't get the flu from one of the rugrats, I'm starting running and eating as cleanly as possible tomorrow. Why tomorrow?  'Cause a girl's gotta binge.  Duh.