Thursday, April 5, 2012

Week 1 Done

Today marks a week since I started the very low calorie diet.  I've lost about 7 pounds.  I say "about" because I'm not sure exactly where I started since I didn't have a digital scale until the next day.  Anyway, 7 seems pretty good to me.  I know a lot of people drop this on the first week of any diet plan they start, and it's mostly water, but I usually don't lose this much even in the first week of healthy eating on any plan. Also, my fatty fatty jeans that were too tight and providing me with a oh so sexy muffin top now slide on with no problems, so I've lost inches as well.

It took about 3 days of eating low cal not to be hungry, but I am still quite weak and exhausted.  I always thought carbs made me tired because whenever I eat a super carby meal, I'm usually ready for a big ol' nap afterward, but this is an entirely new kind of tired.  This is more like I'm a new mom again and barely functioning exhaustion.  I can feel that my blood sugar is permanently low, and that's probably because I have hypoglycemic tendencies (all the more reason I shouldn't be messing around with this).  I have been drinking my water and taking supplements consisting of Calcium Pyruvate, a daily multi-vitamin, and some adrenal health supplement of which I cannot find the ingredients.  I definitely think there's caffeine or something in the adrenal one, because I notice a definite difference between when I take it and when I don't.  In fact, if I were telling someone about this, I would recommend the supplements over the hcg, because I'm not all that convinced the hcg does anything.  The one thing it has done for me is remind me that paid a shit ton for it, and by God, that money will not go to waste, so I take that sad little pellet every morning, and I'm sticking to this goddamn plan for the 40 days.

Truthfully once it's over, I'm probably switching to the healthy diet and exercise thing because everyone I admire that has traveled this journey before me did it the old fashioned way.  Don't be fooled, though.  This is no magic pill.  It's really fucking hard to eat 2 meals a day consisting of microscopic proportions and eating the same crap over and over.  I'm not a meat fan, and I despise fish, so that's the toughest part for me.  I'd rather be on a vegetarian or vegan plan honestly, and I'll probably pursue that once this is finished. I also want to start running.  Stop laughing, asshole.  I can totally be a runner.  I just have to build up to it.  This chick is my role model, so one day I hope to get to where she is and become a role model for other chubsters, but more importantly my kids.

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