Sunday, June 10, 2012

Here We Go Again

Because I'm a sucker for those online deal sites, and because I'm once again motivated to lose the extra person I'm carrying around, I purchased a Living Social deal for a local weight loss center.  Basically it entails me going to this place twice a week- once for a weigh-in and once for a B-12 shot.  The deal was for a month, so we'll see how it goes.  They gave me a diet plan, which consists of one of their protein supplements and an egg in the morning, a salad and a supplement for lunch, and a protein, salad, and veggie for dinner.  I'm not eating meat now, because the HCG put me off of it, so I'm trying to find suitable veggie dinners.  I'm not supposed to have dairy, I guess, because there is no mention of cheese anywhere, but I am using cheese as a protein substitute in my dinners.

This is day 4, and I've been really good, so I feel like at this point I may stick to it, so it's safe to post about.  I don't exactly have the best track record with weight loss success, so I'm hoping the whole monitoring aspect will be the key to making me stick to it.  I have an innate desire to please strangers for whatever reason, so this appeals to that part of my psyche.

In preparation for beginning this plan, I indulged on this as a last meal:
And it was fucking delicious. Especially considering this is what I'm eating now: 

 These boxes contain packets of powder that, when mixed with water, become the main entree for breakfast and lunch.  I supplement with lunch with these:

Your mouth is watering, right?  In all honesty, the protein powdery things aren't so bad.  I have an orange one that tastes like Tang (hee hee "tang") in the morning, and I have a caramel pudding one for "dessert" for lunch.  They have a bunch to choose from, so I'm going to try some different ones when I go back tomorrow.

I am also drinking enough water to float the Titanic, and I am limited to 2 diet sodas per day, which I was thrilled to learn I am still allowed to have.  The beauty of this plan is that it takes the guess work out of what I will have to eat for most of the day.  I only have to plan my dinners.  Apparently I work better in a controlled environment, because I have really had no problems sticking to this thing at all.  Hopefully my efforts will be rewarded at my next weigh-in.

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  1. Totino's...really? I have a freezer full of those, and although I'm not a cheap food snob, I still don't get the appeal.

    But I am glad to know that it's going well, although the whole controlled environment thing just makes me think of you as one of those science lab rats and this weight loss place is conducting experiments on you.