Saturday, December 1, 2012

Working Girl

Last time I posted, I mentioned a job offer.  I was happy to have it, but it wasn't the best situation, given that my commute would have been 1.5 to 2 hours each way.  Luckily something out there is working in my favor, and I was able to procure a position with none other than my college alma mater. They wanted to move quickly, so I received the offer shortly before Thanksgiving and started this past Monday. So far it's exactly what I need- a laid back environment, nice people, work that's steady but not too stressful.  The best part, and I'm serious when I say that, is the fact that since it's a University, I get 2 weeks off for Christmas. So I'll work the next couple of weeks and then be off again for the holidays, so I'm really getting to ease into this whole going back to work thing.  I am already utterly exhausted, because apparently sitting on your ass all day playing on the internet doesn't prepare you to return to the workforce like you would think.

The hubs also works for the university, so we get  have to carpool.  I dreaded that since I've spent the last few years running around like a chicken with my head cut off in the mornings, getting the kids ready for school while he leisurely awakened, ate breakfast, drank coffee, etc. before finally rolling out the door around 8:00.  Given that I need to be at work at 8, meaning we would all have to get up at 6 to get out the door by 7:15, I pictured being reprimanded by my new boss on day 2 for tardiness.  I have to admit that he has been nothing short of amazing, getting up on time, helping with the kids, and providing a source of entertainment on the drive in.  I can't say we won't kill each other in the future, but for now, all is well in the Seigler household.

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