Friday, May 18, 2012

Back From the Dead

So, over the last month, I've endured tests, final exams, a raging sinus infection that turned into a wicked case of vertigo, field trips with the kids, and dropping out of school.  Well, not dropping out as much as deciding to forego this whole medical career thing in favor of going back to my old career, which I don't suck at, and bringing in some much needed income to the house.  I thought and thought and thought some more and decided to be ok with the fact that I'm really good at Human Resources and way to skittish to work in the medical field in that I lack the attention to detail, emergency response skills, and ability to quiet my emotions that are required to be a medical professional.  I thought I wanted a career that really made a difference and helped people.  I decided I can do that from an HR perspective just as well but without all the blood on my hands if something goes wrong.  So, decision made.  Now all I need is the job.

Until then, this is the kind of shit I'm doing in between hanging with my 3yo and shuttling the older kids back and forth:

MyHeritage: Family trees - Genealogy - Celebrities

I thought this was the funniest.  My closest match was this chick, who I had to Google.  She's Asian, and I'm  of a very pasty European descent, so I don't even know how that happened:

MyHeritage: Family tree - Genealogy - Celebrity

And it probably goes without saying, but I am not doing the crackhead diet anymore, and I'm still a big chunky.  I'm tired of thinking about it, so I am eating healthier for the most part and not obsessing.  I haven't put on a bathing suit, yet, though, so things may change.

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  1. I morphed into Willow! Probably because I just dyed my hair red today. :-)